The importance of maintaining good menstrual hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene Day falls on 28 May and this special day is celebrated around the world with the aim of breaking menstruation taboos and to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene challenges faced by women across the globe.1

Good menstrual hygiene can help with common discomforts such as irritation, vaginal odour2 and let’s not forget that it positively contributes to a woman’s health too. 3

The question is, what does a good menstrual hygiene routine consist of? Below are healthy practices to help maintain menstrual hygiene.

#1 Change your sanitary napkin every couple of hours

The rule of the thumb is to never wait until your sanitary napkin is full. Generally, you should change it every 4 to 8 hours. Wearing a soiled sanitary napkin for long hours increases your risk of infections as well as irritation around your intimate area due to the combination of menstrual blood, sweat and bacteria.4 

#2 Wash well

Keeping your intimate area clean is crucial, especially during menstruation as bacteria can stay on your skin. It’s always good to wash when changing your sanitary product. Also, don’t forget to wipe from front to back to help prevent infections too. 3

#3 Focus on gentle yet effective

Did you know that your favourite soap could be too harsh to cleanse your intimate area? Some soaps can lead to an imbalance in your vaginal pH levels and this can  lead to the growth of bacteria and infections. It’s important to choose your feminine hygiene wash wisely by ensuring that it contains effective ingredients that will clean your intimate area gently and help to relieve skin irritation. 3,5

The BETADINE® range of daily feminine washes are formulated with a unique combination of prebiotics, antioxidants and plant extracts designed to help provide daily intimate protection from intimate discomforts such as odour, dryness and irritation.

A BETADINE® antiseptic feminine wash containing Povidone Iodine is also available and it relieves external itching and irritation during menstruation. (Please follow approved label indications)

BETADINE® products are formulated with an understanding that menstrual hygiene is important for all women so that you can achieve your limitless possibilities.


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